Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Taiwan: Day 1 Meng Jia Long Shan Temple & Hua Xi Street Tourist Night Market

OK!! Start writing for Taiwan Trip.

We took AirAsia-X from LCCT to TaoYuan Airport and reached Taipei city around 4.30pm. We booked for airport pick up (NTD 1300) and that ease us all the trouble of taking buses to our backpacker hostel. 

Our first 2 nights accommodation was at Shilin area - Fun Taipei Backpackers. We booked a 6 person room for NTD3000 per night. The room is really nice and comfortable but the building is a bit old. It is located near JianTan MRT Station, which is a plus point. 

Lesson learnt: Never judge a book by its cover.

After putting our luggage in the hostel, we started our Taipei City Tour right away. =) First stop -- Meng Jia Long Shan Temple. 

At MRT station. Waiting for MRT to go to LongShan MRT Station. 
Not difficult to be a backpacker in Taipei City. Public transport is really convenient and you can ask for direction from anyone.

Reached LongShan MRT Station.
There's signage everywhere. You won't get lost if you can read.

Us at the underground walkway from MRT station to LongShan Temple.
Spotted a horse and 3 horses took a photo with it. First photo of us in Taiwan. =)

The underground shopping street. Shopping street is everywhere in Taiwan.
Tourist, be rational!

TA-DAA!!! Meng Jia Long Shan Temple (舺龙山寺)!!

There's a few Long Shan Temple in Taiwan and this is one of it. It is located in WanHua District (万华区). It is built in Taipei in 1738 by Chinese settlers from FuJian, China. Hence it is served as a place of worship and gathering place for the Chinese settlers. 

Long Shan Temple (Night View)

Me inside the temple. First, let me take a tourist photo. =) 
The temple is quite shiny in the dark due to the lighting.

A small waterfall in the temple.

Tried to take a photo of the long corridor and uncle photo-boomed me.
Indeed, I'm the secret photographer of the uncle. 

The temple is really huge and there's several buildings. Architecture is really unique and beautiful. 

After walking around the temple and did some prayers, we went out and hunt for food. There's a night market down the street and hence it attracted us immediately. I have no idea what night market is that as I didn't planned to go for this. XD But well, it surprised me as it has plenty of good food.

Walking cross the road. See the crowd? That's the night market. 
Note to tourist: In Taiwan, just follow the crowd. You will get nice food. XD

Dear Su Su and me with the signage. 
Just realized that our clothes are quite matching. Dot dot dot. =D

The Huge Signage of the Night Market - Hua Xi Street Tourist Night Market. 

Plenty of food stalls in the night market. I tried a Taiwanese Popiah there -- Thumbs up! It will be up in next post. =)

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