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Taiwan: Day 3 Taipei 101, Wufenpu 五分埔, Rao He Night Market 饶河夜市

Last Part for Day 3!

Taipei 101---Wufenpu 五分埔---Raohe Night Market 饶河夜市
To be exact, we did no enter Taipei 101 building. We were about few minutes walk away, so that we can take good photo with the tower. =) I did some research before the trip to check where to take nice photo of Taipei 101. A few bloggers suggested somewhere near Taipei City Hall (市政府) MRT station and hence I decided to give it a try. 

It was quite a difficult to find a good spot if you did not know where is the so-called-strategic-location. I was a little frustrated while searching for the spot. You know, without GPS, without knowing where you are, sometimes I feel so lost and helpless. T______T

Ah well, after asking people around us, and looked around, we decided to look for Taipei 101 and just walk towards there. Thankfully we found a nice spot to take photo. (It is somewhere near W Hotel, another corner along the road)
See! The nightview of the tower!

Of course I have to take super-duper-typical-tourist photo here. It is Taipei 101 wehhhhh.....

Some idea for tourist.
This is the buildings on our left when we were shooting photos of Taipei 101. Hope that it is helpful, in some way. XD

Next: Wufenpu 五分埔商圈

This is a famous clothing wholesale area in Taipei. It is within walking distance from Houshanpi (后埤山)MRT Station.  Well, this wholesale area is really HUGE, and there are plenty of shops. Too many clothes until I don't know how to choose. One bad thing about this area is that the street is really small and shops are very narrow too. Cannot shop comfortably. Hence, I just did some window shopping there.  

Clothes are not VERY CHEAP overall. Cheaper ones can be found in Fengjia Night Market. 

LAST STOP: Raohe Night Market 饶河夜市

After shopping in Wufenpu, half of us decided to go back to rest and the other half went to the night market nearby. Since I can blog about the night market, of course I'm in the group who went to the night market. XD

It was quite a long walk to the Raohe Night Market from Wufenpu, around 15-20 minutes. 

There's a temple beside the night market. Pretty lights at night. 

And also a clock tower diagonally opposite the Raohe Night Market.

The grand entrance to the Night Market. One of the oldest night market in Taipei.


The very famous pepper biscuits (胡椒饼) in Raohe Night Market. 
See  how many workers they have and the queue is quite long. 

They have different section of processing the biscuits. Factory-like work in night market. Wow..

Almost getting our biscuit! One for NTD50.

Ok, let us take a photo before we eat. =D 

This is how the pepper biscuit looks like.
There's pork and vegetable inside. It is so juicy, until some dropped on my phone cover. My phone smells like a pepper biscuit thereafter. 

Another stall that I wanted to try. Egg within Egg (蛋中蛋). It is even being introduced in Kangxilaile (康熙来了), my favourite Taiwan show. Must try Must try!!!

We ordered an egg and cheese. It isn't very tasty, but kinda special.

Me, awkwardly posing with the egg-in-egg. How can I smile so awkwardly?!

Found another special thing to try! Fried OREO!!!

Also being introduced in Kangxilaile (康熙来了). This stall sells cupcakes and other fried stuff too.

Fried OREO. It is really nice and special.
Oreo becomes very soft after frying and taste like a chocolate brownie.

Happy us! Lip lip is holding fried snicker, which is also from that fried oreo stall. 

Last stall before we go home. Pearls with ingredient (包心龙珠).
We ordered a pearl with red bean milk tea. There're other choices, such as pearl with sesame, or pearl with green bean. Something different from what we have in Malaysia. =)

Yeah! With our milk tea. Look at the huge pearls! 
See, my face tells you that I'm already tired. That's all for Day 3! =D

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