Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taiwan: Day 4 Lavender Cottage

DAY 4! Time flies! It's time for us to meet up with our uncle tour guide/driver to head to Taichung. So, we checked out from the backpackers around 8.20am to meet the uncle downstairs. 

Check out our room! This is EZ Stay Taipei Main Station Branch.
Ignore the messiness. The room is alright afterall, but this is the worst room throughout our trip. XD

Along the journey, we saw lots of white flowers blooming.
It's the season of Tung Flowers (桐花祭) in Taiwan!

First stop of Day 4: Lavendar Cottage 薰衣草森林

This 2 lady should be representing the founders of lavender cottage. 

The little entrance of the lavender cottage. Everything is purple here. 

Very artistic ticket. NTD100 per pax if I'm not wrong. With NTD100, you will get NTD100 coupon which you can spend in their cafe or merchandise shop. So, entrance is FREE basically =D

Cleansing ceremony with lavender. I pressed this twice and I'm all wet. LOL.

This little hut is so~~~~ so~~~~~ so~~~unreal.
It looks like some small hut in the comic or cartoon.


Even the signage is cute!!

Look at the lavender farm! Too bad we went there at wrong timing. Lavender isn't blooming.

Rushed to toilet in a cafe. The sofa and the bear attracted me!
My dream house living room should look something like this, with bigger sofa. Haha...

Walking towards the lake. I blocked so many people in this photo. LOL

Keep walking......

We've reached the lake.
Ooppsss... Need to be less hyperactive now and enjoy the calmness of the lake.

Look at this photo! It feels like I will fall into the lake anytime, with my clumsiness.

Let me tell you about this huge tree. I wanted to climb up but I wasn't confident with my red Nike. So yeah, very typical tourist me with the huge tree trunk. 

And there's a wishing platform. Where you write your wish on the brown paper and tie it.

Go and ring the bell and hope your wish comes true! =D

Look! Tung Flowers! 


So pretty right? I mean the flowers. It looks like snow on the grass. 

Favourite OOTD photo of Day 4!

Some tourist arranged the flower into love shape. Awwww <3

While walking, I saw words on the ground. It is so sweet!
"Smiling because of you."

This is the cafe I spent my coupon. Guess what I bought???
Cold Lavender Milk Tea!! Taste a little weird though, but it is nice overall.

Ending this post with our selfie! Milk tea and lavender ice creams!!
I had both because I'm not a lady. >.<

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