Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Taiwan: Day 4 Longteng Broken Bridge 龙腾断桥

After visiting Shengxing Railway Station, we continued our journey to Longteng Broken Bridge (龙腾断桥), which is just another 15 minutes drive. Initially, this bridge was a railway line, but now a hiking trail after it has been ruined by the earthquake. In 1935, this bridge was broken by earthquake and since then, it has been a tourist spot and hiking spot.

Look the the bridge. this is just part of it and it's HUGE!

The board that explains the history of this broken bridge.

Quite a number of tourist here! Spot my mates!
We took some stairs to the top of the bridge. It was stunning and scary though.

I look so short in this pic! LOL. Few steps away from "suicide mission". 

There are some food stalls at the car park area.
Well, Taiwan is all about food, food and food. 

The entrance (right) to the top of the bridge, where I took the photo above.

Group photo is a must!
(Miss Malaysia standing pose again XD)

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